The idea and interest of establishing TRMEGA originated from the founder Mrs. Helen Nguya in year 2009 one year before her retirement from working as the Managing Director for 10 years in the Development Department of the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha (AAIDRO).Also she had developed interest on HIV &AIDS prevention from the studies she undertook at Larenstein University of Professionals in the Netherlands in year 2006 where she attained her MA on HIV & AIDS and Rural Development.

In October 2009 Helen shared her vision with her friends who later joined her in the establishment and registration of a Non Governmental organization known as Training, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation on Gender and AIDS on 13th September 2010.

TRMEGA activities begun on 1st December 2010 by mobilizing and forming a group of 8 women living with AIDS. They were sensitized and empowered on self recognition and valuing themselves, they were able to build self confidence and positive attitudes on their status. Later they were also trained on nutrition/health improvement and entrepreneurship skills. The number of group members increased to 28 by June 2011 comprising the people living with AIDS, Widows and Orphans. In year 2016 TRMEGA expanded the training activities by training Most Vulnerable youth, students and Caretakers on Life skills, Entrepreneurship skills, parenting skills, organic gardening skills and early preparation of students and youth.

To share efforts with the local Government and Community in serving the vulnerable and marginalized to become empowered through striving to alleviate poverty, balance gender, combat the effects of HIV & AIDS and attain sustainable development.

Trmega envisions a society in which the vulnerable and marginalized are empowered, motivated and have Equal opportunities in attaining sustainable livelihoods.

Trmega has a mission to facilitate the development processes for the vulnerable and marginalized to enable them to attain sustainable development.